Flat as a pancake. Sticky as syrup.

Posted by Meg

Over the Fourth of July holiday, I visited family on my mom’s side down in Beaufort, a town nestled in between Savannah and Charleston on the coast of South Carolina. I’ve been traveling to Beaufort almost every summer since I was just learning to walk.

Well, walk I did during this trip. Before 7AM on Saturday morning, I began my trek and met up with my Aunt at her house. We then did a 6 mile loop, dropping her back at her house before I walked another 1.5 miles back to the place in which I was staying. In all, it was a 9 mile walk for me — a hot and humid 9 miles at that. Despite being very flat terrain, I did find myself tired and a little sore the next day.

Morning walk in Beaufort

Morning walk in Beaufort

Although it has humid summers, the Low Country is beautiful — and peaceful. I particularly love ┬áthe distinctive way the trees are covered in Spanish moss. It hangs there in a tangled, yet delicate, mess.

Beaufort is a special place and provides me a lot of great family memories. I’m lucky to have an excuse to visit there each year — and great family with whom to share the visit.