Dodging Bikers

Posted by Meg

Our first “cousin hike” was along Buttermilk Trail on a Wednesday evening after work. We crossed over the bridge to Belle Isle and hopped on the trail. Soon, we found ourselves in the woods, dodging flocks of mountain bikers. As we jumped off the trail to let the bikers pass, we realized we should also be dodging all of the poison ivy along the sides of the trail.

View from Buttermilk Trail

View from Buttermilk Trail

Despite the bike traffic, it was enjoyable to find ourselves in the woods, but still be in the middle of the Richmond. (Very convenient for those of us working downtown.) Although we only finished a portion of the whole trail, we were able to take in great views of  the James River and downtown.

All in all, it’s definitely a trail we’ll try again, but will give ourselves more time to get through all 6 miles next time.

View of Downtown RVA

Downtown RVA



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